Erica Tucci

Discovering your Yin radiance

How do we reach the sacred place of the feminine within when we have been dominated by male-scripted tenets of our society for millennia…when our womanliness has been defined by these male precepts…how we should look, think and behave? How can we embody the Great Goddess within and radiate her feminine essence without?

First, it is important to recognize that we are all androgynous, having both masculine and feminine aspects within our psyche. The relationship between the two can be described as follows:  The feminine or Yin energy represents the feeling or intuitive heart center, which becomes manifest through creative thought and desire. The masculine or Yang energy represents the mental aspect of the mind, which becomes manifest through action. So in this sense, it can be said that the feminine sits at the center of the Universe (at the heart center) manifesting what is felt and desired and then calls upon the masculine aspect to put this creative thought into action, all for the greatest good.

Ultimately, it is important there be a balance between these two aspects, where the Yin and Yang principles work in concert to manifest “that which is.” HOWEVER, fear of the creative, intuitive, heart-centered feminine nature has caused a separation between the two polar principles, resulting in a world entrenched in male-dominated values where the feminine energy has been squelched. The denial of this Yin aspect has tipped the balance of our world, both inwardly and outwardly.

We as women must reclaim this Divine femininity within through a cleansing of the masculine-driven beliefs that have been engrained in us. By doing so, we will be a catalyst in restoring the harmony and balance within our world.

So how can we go about distilling these one-sided creeds to restore the balance within so that we can carry this message out into the world? Yin Radiance: The Journey to Inner Balance will help you connect with the inner aspects of your psyche, identify beliefs you may have embodied and discover your authentic sacred feminine essence. Through a program of discussion and revelation, exercises and meditations suffused with encouragement and support, you will be able to purge masculine-centered beliefs you may have internalized so you can reach an illuminated state of feminine awakening.

Yin Radiance: The Journey to Inner Balance program

I offer individual and group programs, each having their own benefits:

Individual program

  • Individual private sessions in which you work on those issues that are unique to you
  • My undivided attention
  • A level of flexibility of how the work expresses itself within the sessions: loosely structured time based on what might bubble up from within in combination with more structured time with a solid focus on a desired outcome
  • Safe place for you to express yourself in any way necessary to help carry you to that joyful place within

Group program (3 – 6 members)

  • Support structure with the dynamics of like-minded participants with a similar goal
  • Powerfully rich experience from having this support structure and shared wisdom and insights
  • Potential new friendships that can develop through a buddy system outside the sessions
  • More structured than one-on-one sessions as there is a unified collective focus and the need for all participants to have their sharing time

Self-Directed Journey

Self-directed programI’m also delighted to be offering another approach to my program for those of you who may have an already very busy life and aren’t ready or available to commit to my complete Yin Radiance program at the moment. Sometimes we need to take small steps. So what I’ve put together is a self-directed program in which YOU select the legs of the journey you wish to explore, and YOU select the pace at which you wish to move through each individual leg. This way, you can ruminate and assimilate at your own speed, of course understanding that Spirit will help guide you through your journey, if you keep your heart and mind open to all inner messages. And if you need my guidance during any part of your journey, you have the option to add 30- or 60-minute sessions at any time.

Common to both individual and group programs, as well as the self-directed journey, is your individualized vision statement, which is a compelling affirmative statement about how your life will be when you are living fully from your inner authentic feminine essence. Additionally, we will use material in my book Zesty Womanhood at 40 and Beyond: Second Act, New Role, as there are powerful messages conveyed in the chapters of the book. You will receive an electronic version of the book when you participate in any of the programs. Click here if you wish to purchase an autographed copy.

Thirty-minute free consultation

First, if you wish to talk with me to determine whether you would like to work with me, in either the individual or group programs, I offer a 30-minute free consultation. This allows us to establish whether there is a connection between us that would benefit you best and whether the Yin Radiance program is for you.


The individual and group programs will typically be on weekday evenings between 6 and 9 p.m. CST US and on weekends between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST US. Group programs will be formed upon the gathering of the appropriate number of interested women.

Sessions are either over the phone or via Skype.

One important note!

As you progress through your personal evolution, seeing things more and more clearly, your vision statement may change. At some point in time, it may be good to reassess where you are and produce another vision statement. If this does happen, the timing of such will become known to you when it’s right. Life is dynamic…it’s ever-changing. We don’t want to ever stop growing. When we do, it’s time to make our transition into the ether.

What an exciting adventure it is to explore yourself in ways you never thought possible and to be transformed over and over again as you peel the layers off, revealing all the levels of beauty of your soul!

And please know that I’m always available to answer any questions you may have in between sessions, or as you travel each leg of your self-directed journey. Simply send me an email and I will respond as quickly as possible.


Although coaching may be similar to therapy or counseling in their common goal of assisting a client to overcome challenges that she may face in life and providing a safe place to work through these challenges, a coach does not diagnose conditions nor give counsel to her client. Coaching allows the client to discover her own unique solution through her own inner guidance. A client should seek a licensed health care professional for any emotional/psychological ailment she may have.

Program options and pricing

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