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Tarot_business_cards_eyeWould you like to know how best to maneuver your life through the ups and downs, the twists and turns? Do you feel you need some guidance to help you flow smoothly down the river of life? I would love to help you find your way. I offer Tarot readings to point you in the direction to find the answers to that which may perplex you about your life. Working with the symbolism of the cards, I can reveal to you the hidden messages that can awaken in you the power and means to clear out the cobwebs in your psyche and thus resolve any issues you may have.

The images on the cards can activate so many things in our unconscious, and as a mirror that reflects our inner workings, they can assist us in learning about ourselves. By working with the interpretation of our unconscious material through Tarot, we can begin to understand ourselves with much greater clarity, thus allowing us to journey down the path of self evolution.

I would like to share some of my clients comments about my readings, not to toot my horn, but to give you a feel of whether you want to team up with me to confront and work through the challenges you may be facing, through Tarot:

“I asked for a tarot card reading from Erica because I thought it would be an interesting little thing to do, kind of like a party trick or something. What I got was truly amazing!  Her reading provided insights and wisdom that had never occurred to me but felt so right for me.  She asked questions that made me look at things from a different perspective and her suggestions for improvement are bringing about change in my life.  I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for real answers in their lives get a reading from Erica!” Barbara Grace Reynold, Holistic therapist

“I absolutely love Erica’s readings. Not only are they highly accurate and detailed, her particular language and style really resonate and deliver the messages beautifully. Erica is an extremely gifted, intuitive reader and she puts her all into her readings. I’d give her way more than five stars! Simply one of the best out there.” Saaqi, Psychic and tarot reader

“Erica Tucci did a brilliant quick tarot reading for me.  Her insights and accuracy of where I was at were spot on.  Erica has  a great gift to share and well worth getting a reading even from a distance!” Andrew Mondia, Actor

“Have just received my tarot reading from Erica and it is so accurate (scarily so),  The reading has also given me renewed hope that I can make my dream come true and steps I need to take.  Erica really has a talent so highly recommend approaching Erica for a reading. Thank you Erica.” Patricia Ayling, Life coach

“Erica, after seeing my reading it confirmed for me what I already knew – to regain strength in my affected side and to truly recover from my stroke I have to look within myself to know and do what needs to be done. The frustration has been hard but I know I have it within me to do what needs done. Thanks for helping me see what was right in front of me all the time. I can’t express how much this helps me, and will allow me to move forward. Thanks!” Kimberly Sawyer-White, Stroke survivor

Also, I have included two of my readings for clients here  to give you a feel of what you would be getting from me. Finally, please read my code of ethics so you know how I work with my clients.

If you are interested in having a Tarot reading with me for one question, multiple questions or a full-life reading, select the kind of reading you would like from the menu below, then click the Buy Now button. After you choose the method of payment (Paypal or your credit/debit card), click Add next to “What do you want addressed?” and enter your question(s). After I receive your payment and your email reading request, I will send you an email to confirm what it is you would like addressed, and then, I will respond to your request within 72 hours via email.

Please note that I only give email readings.

Tarot readings

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