Erica Tucci

Giving you the attention you need

I like to call myself a muse, providing you with the inspiration to live your life brilliantly…

Muse—someone who inspires another, and through this creative support, graciously and humbly assists in another’s personal growth, through listening, compassion and guidance. A muse provides a safe place in which her client can reach to the depths of her soul from which she can blossom into the individual she was put on this earth to be. She helps her client guide and heal herself as she travels down the path of her own individual journey, finding the clarity she seeks so she can live the radiant life that is her Divine right. As we are mirrors of one another, a muse is also a reflection of her client’s core essence. She allows her client to experience herself through their personal interaction…we become who we are through relationships.

As the image states…”healing with a gentle touch.” I feel that deep work done to purify the soul should be done as gently as possible. This isn’t to say that there won’t be dark places that you will enter as you attempt to clear the skeletons from your closet, but wouldn’t it be a more pleasurable journey down your path to self-realization to invoke a dance with those skeletons instead of a battle? Can you embrace these skeletons, as they are part of you, instead of waging war against them as if they’re your enemy. They are truly your friends since they give you purpose. Isn’t our ultimate life purpose to be fully connected to Spirit? So hold hands with your skeletons. Play with them. Forgive them for the pain they may have caused you. Ask them for forgiveness for having ignored them, causing them to fight for your attention through less than virtuous ways. And when it’s time, release them, as they are just as captive as you are. Let them return from whence they came…the past…so you may live in the present!

My offerings

Yin Radiance: The Journey to Inner Balance The female psyche seeks unity, wholeness and balance. With the resurgence of this Yin energy as women reclaim their inner power, no longer is womanhood being defined by masculine principles. Women are looking deep into their souls to where the true source of creativity, sexuality, beauty and love lies… where the Divine female resides. The Yin Radiance program helps you embrace this Goddess essence from which all of life springs forth such that you manifest the radiant life that is your birthright. 

Tarot readings Let the Tarot guide you to reveal the mysteries of your soul. Consider it as a way of life, through which you can gain accurate and clear insight into the way your life is evolving. Learn to dance to the rhythms of the cosmos through the symbolism and hidden meanings of the Tarot. It can be a great source of inner enrichment and psychological growth. Come join me as I enter the depths of our psyche through the Tarot. 

My journey becoming a muse…

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