Erica Tucci

Sample readings

Below are examples of my readings of two of my clients. Please note that the number of cards I choose for a 1- or 3-question question reading vary depending on my intuition of how many I should choose. For full-life readings, I use one of two spreads: a zodiac card spread that encompasses all aspects of one’s life or the popular celtic cross spread.

1-question reading

Question: Tell me everything you can about my health and if there is anything specific that I need to be concerned with.

The cards drawn were: Knight of Pentacles, Three of Wands, King of Wands, Knight of Swords reversed, Ten of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles and Queen of Cups reversed.

The reading starts out with a card representing you: youthful (a Knight versus a King), big and stocky, very down-to-earth, grounded, studious and intellectual, and on a path of self discovery. You have been through a lot in your life, climbing many mountains, but you are unstoppable. You are not one to reckon with. When you are on a mission, nothing can stop you.

Right now, regarding your health, you are looking for answers to know what you should do next to continue improving your health. You are exploring new modes of healing to see what works. You are a man of vision and foresight so you are looking for greater possibilities that will help you get beyond your current limitations.

There seem to be two men (doctors?) who are involved in your health. One is a warm, mature, caring and supportive man very involved and concerned with your well being. The other seems to be younger, insincere and dishonest and arrogant, who thinks very highly of himself and speaks with a forked tongue. Be cautious of him.

You seem to have a lot going for you in all aspects of your life: relationships with family and friends, spiritually, materially and your social status and your security.  However, you hold things close to the vest. You tend to be rigid, opinionated, cautious, restrained, almost greedy, to the detriment of your health (physically and emotionally). It seems that this is a form of protection. You may be overly concerned with your outer status, that you don’t let anyone see you for who you really are. Thus, you put on a persona of strength and authority. If this is a trait you have had much of your life, it may be one cause of your weight problems, which could be, as I mentioned above, a form of protecting yourself. You are a very sensitive man, but you are afraid to let anyone into your world for fear of what they may see or uncover about you. It would behoove you to find an inner balance, allaying any fears you may have and thus, opening up from your heart and shining your true light.

Clients response: “Erica, you were spot on…You have a gift that needs to be shared with others.”

Full-life reading

Overall – Eight of Pentacles reversed
1st house – Self: Four of Wands reversed
2nd house – Wealth and values: Judgment
3rd house – How our perceptions affect our worldview: King of Pentacles
4th house – Home and family: The Initiate (The Fool)
5th house – Creativity, passion, pleasure: The World reversed
6th house – Daily life: Five of Wands
7th house – Relationships: Four of Swords
8th house – Regeneration, rebirth/death: Transfiguration (Death)
9th house – Quest for expanding horizons: Ace of Pentacles
10th house – Lifetime achievement: Chariot reversed
11th house – Collective ambitions: Page  of Swords
12th house – Hidden realities: Queen of Cups

Overall: You have been working diligently and through your work, you might have been gaining new insights and new interesting experiences that you have never had before and you’re uncertain how to deal with them.

Self: Your psychic gift that you have developed and enhanced over the years has given you focus and direction and has carried you through all the seasons of your life. It has illuminated the path of your life journey and you are now at a place of celebration as it has provided a stable foundation from which to move forward in your personal development. However, you are uncertain as to where that path is to lead you and thus aren’t sure of the steps to take.

Wealth and values: You are being tested on what you have valued in life (i.e. your psychic gifts) and how you have used it to create your (outer) reality. Everything that you have learned and made manifest were phases of your development/evolution, each of equal importance and having equal impact, each having a beacon of light to guide you as you travel the path of your life purpose. You are very grounded and understand that life is about change and that every phase one goes through is like the phoenix: dying and being reborn, each bringing us closer and closer to our Self.

How our perceptions affect our worldview: In going through  your life experiences, you have been very solemn, steadfast, responsible, prudent, practical and realistic. Your male energy suffuses all that you have accomplished. You enjoy and seek the pleasures of the earth (in terms of your values and material possessions and accomplishments) with a level and mature head, taking time to make adjustments to your life script as it changes based on what you experience. You are unstoppable and will move mountains to set things right in your world.

Home and family: You are a product of your past and yet you have followed your own path. On one hand, your legacy is institutional (academic, of the mind – your parents), but on the other hand, it is connected to the earth and its magical, mystical power. It seems that your true home was not one created by your biological family. Instead your were born of the earth and are guided by the moon. Your knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired was not through genetics as much as they were from the fruit of the Tree of Life. You have been imbued with the wisdom of the universe as that is your true home; you are a daughter of the universe.

Creativity, passion, pleasure: You could be at a point in your life where you feel very fulfilled. You could be at the pinnacle of success in your career, which is of the utmost importance to you. But something is amiss. There could be several things lacking, things that you are passionate about but have not come to fruition. A relationships perhaps? What about the desire to created your own Tarot deck of cards? Is there a chance that you might want to expand your expertise by creating Tarot classes for others to learn Tarot? Any other creative endeavors that you desire?

Daily life: Your day-to-day life is fraught with conflict between multiple responsibilities, which can stoke the fires of imbalance in your life. It may be necessary for you to take charge and prioritize everything, putting things into perspective of how you can manage things in a way that it all works in concert, everything working toward finding the balance that may have been lost.

Relationships: You are in need of a reprieve from your responsibilities. An intimate relationship that has you “on your back” may be just what you need to rejuvenate yourself and bring you to “wholeness”. Kind of like taking you out of your head and more into your body. In the Wizard’s Tarot, the background isn’t a church like in the Rider Waite deck; instead it is a spring day, which means a time of renewal. Though a relationship is important to bring you to wholeness, it plays second fiddle to your work.

Regeneration, rebirth/death: Interesting that you should get this card for the eighth house, since it is exactly what this house is about –  transformation, hidden mysteries, dealing with the dark side of the psyche, death as in letting go of the old. You are going through a transformation of sorts, one where your wisdom (your psychic abilities) is growing very strong and really coming from a pure unadulterated heart. You seem to be illuminating the way for the shadow parts of your psyche to come forth and stand with you in all their glory. They are a part of you and must be integrated for you to be whole. By doing so, you let go of some emotional baggage (old skeletons) that will be reflected in your life’s work.

Quest for expanding horizons: Your potential for greatness is huge, by enlarging the scope of your life’s work through continued spiritual work, new life adventures that would entail travel, higher education and perhaps branching out into other related work (e.g. your own Tarot cards, writing a book on Tarot or Tarot classes). By enhancing your life with such additional “earthly delights”, you can reach the pinnacle of happiness.

Lifetime achievement: Interesting again that this is the card chosen for the tenth house as it represents lifetime achievements, career destiny and worldliness and in the Wizard’s Tarot, the Chariot reflects on your travels through the astral plane, through the mysteries of time and space. Your accomplishments as a psychic do just that, taking you and your clients to adventures beyond the mundane and into the creative imagination where true life begins. You bring substance and meaning to seemingly ordinary day-to-day circumstances. However, you seem blocked by your own circumstances. Is it something in your psyche that is getting in the way? Is it something that could be cultural? What fear might you have that may make your movement forward difficult?

Collective ambitions: Very interesting again. The eleventh house is about personal aspirations that are fed by the power of the collective, usually in terms of friendships, networking, group associations, etc. For you though, you collaborate with spiritual guides. The page of Swords in the Wizard’s Tarot reflects elevated thought and ideas above the earthly plane, elevated vision that is unencumbered by the mundane, having a bird’s eye view of the landscape. Your partnership with the spirit guides is your support that helps stabilize your goals.

Hidden realities: Again interesting since the twelfth house is the realm of the unconscious. The Queen of Cups is empathic, intuitive and compassionate. She is the guardian of the unconscious with its hidden treasures of the past, present and future, You are the Queen of Cups shining the light on the beauty of the hidden mysteries of the psyche, no matter how treacherous they seem.

Client’s response: “Erica, I had saved this to read on a day when I really needed to be uplifted. It was fabulous! I looooved all the insight and I must say, it was intensely accurate!! Thank you so much. You are truly a gifted communicator and definitely a gifted reader!”

I hope these give you an idea of the kind of reading I will give you.

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