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Program options and pricing

Completing the entire program

The complete Yin Radiance program encompasses 12 sessions (1 hour each for individual; 1 ½ hours each for group) over a six-month period (sessions twice a month), and is broken down into two parts:

Part 1

  • 1st session – Discovering Who You Are
  • 2nd session – Discovering Who You Want to Be
  • 3rd session – Personal Boundaries
  • 4th session – Experiencing Love, the Universal Truth
  • 5th session – Seeing Beauty through Older Eyes
  • 6th session – Relationships as a Transformative Force, what was learned in Part 1, setting goals

Part 2

  • 7th session – Awakening the Feminine Prowess Within
  • 8th session – Letting Go of Old Behaviors…of Old Thoughts
  • 9th session – Living a Life without Expectations
  • 10th session – From Order to Chaos and Back to Order Again…Maybe!
  • 11th session – Coming Full Circle
  • 12th session – A Bit of Humor, what was learned in Part 2, setting goals

For full benefit of the program, I encourage you to take both parts whether you are participating in a group or on an individual basis. Please note that the order of the topics may be subject to change depending on the needs of the individual or the group.

Individual program options

I also offer options if you wish to do the program in private sessions with me:

  • The opportunity to customize your own program—select the 1st and 2nd sessions plus any others you wish to add to your tailored program, for a minimum of six.
  • Individual sessions for when you simply need to express that which is stirring inside of you and begging to be unveiled, as often times insights pour forth just through the act of sharing these inner beckonings; or if you have a very specific need that requires clarity and direction.

Self-directed journey options

With the self-directed journey, you can:

  • Choose individual legs of the journey in which you simply work through each of them on your own.
  • If you want my assistance while you journey to inner balance, you can do one of two things:
    • Choose legs of the journey with a 30- or 60-minute session with me to guide you through your process.
    • Choose to simply request my guidance only when you feel the need.


Individual program

Group program

Self-directed journey

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