Erica Tucci

Your body knows!

I was reading an e-zine by Maia Toll, a modern-day medicine woman, about how we can be so disconnected, not only from nature, but from our own nature (in other words, a disconnect from our body). She was talking about how she would get lost in her head when she was younger, how she “lived […]  

Slow down, you move too fast!

“Slow down, you move too fast, You gotta make the morning last…” Do you remember these lyrics from the song “Feeling Groovy” by Simon and Garfunkel? Those were the words that started playing in my head a few days ago. And rightly so! I have been attempting to do too much lately because I am excited […]  

From gloom to sunshine!

Have you ever had a major meltdown because you feel like you just can’t handle things the way they are anymore? It seems that Murphy’s law has taken a hold of your life, that nothing is going right? Like everything has been turned upside down and you feel completely out of control, spiraling downward into […]  

Living in the moment

“If you’re living in the present, you’re living in acceptance of what is, realizing that everything is complete as it is. By living in the present, you have the power to change your life.” I seemed to have fallen into a routine when I went to sleep at night. I would go to bed around […]  

What do you do to bring positivity in your life?

I won! I have never won anything in my life, until now! I won a free coaching session with Linda Puig, a business coach whose expertise is in running a “portable” business, that is, a business where you can be a globetrotter and run your business from any and all desired ports of call. The world […]  

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