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My funding campaign for the launch of my book!

Hi! Thanks for visiting! I am raising funds for the launch of my book entitled Radiant Survivor: How to Shine and Thrive through Recovery from Stroke, Cancer, Abuse, Addiction and Other Life-Altering Experiences, since I’m still on disability from my stroke and don’t have the funds to bring the book to the public in the way it needs to be so that it can touch as many lives as possible. Please view my video below for the complete story.

Won’t you help get Radiant Survivor in the hands of the 1000s of people who may need hope and encouragement that they too can survive and thrive in spite of their circumstance? If you donate, you will receive some nice rewards that will vary depending on your level of contribution (see below).

  • $15 or more – E-book of Radiant Survivor (PDF), thank you email.
  • $35 or more – 1 paperback copy of Radiant Survivor PLUS E-book version, thank you email.
  • $55 or more – 1 signed paperback copy of Radiant Survivor, PLUS E-book version, and thank you email.
  • $100 or more – 1 signed paperback copy of Radiant Survivor, E-book version, PLUS a personally written email from me, AND your name listed in the acknowledgments in book.
  • $250 or more – All of the $100 perks, PLUS a signed paperback copy of my novel, Anything is Possible (which is closely associated to my stroke) AND a beautifully framed copy of “Radiant Survivor” poem.
  • $500 or more – All of the $250 perks, PLUS special funder’s mention in the back of book with your photo/logo, website and 200-word blurb about yourself or your organization, and donation of 10 books in your name delivered to organization of your choice.
  • $1000 or more – All the $500 perks, PLUS donation of 20 books in your name delivered to organization of your choice. I will also deliver a 2-hour talk to your group for free (travel/lodging not included; US only) OR speak to your group via webcast.

All rewards will be shipped by November 19th, the day of the launch when the book will be available to the public.

If you would like a taste of the book’s content, click here for a download of the intro and chapter 1, My Story (check the box to the left of the file, right-click your mouse and select download). And I have to tell you…Radiant Survivor contains endorsements by Kevin Sorbo (aka Hercules), a radiant survivor of multiple strokes and author of “True Strength” (, and Dr. Bernie Siegel, a renowned physician and author of “A Book of Miracles” ( and “The Art of Healing” (coming out in September 2013). I’m truly excited about their endorsements as having them provides a testament to the benefits of reading my book.

The campaign will be extended until September 30.

I would be so grateful if you would donate to this worthy cause, as everybody faces some sort of trauma in their life, big or small, and you would help to make an impact on a lot of people.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in my campaign.

With love and gratitude,

Erica Tucci
Radiant Survivor

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