Erica Tucci

I am woman…hear me roar!

Remember that song by Helen Reddy? “I am woman, watch me grow…See me standing toe to toe…As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land…I am strong! I am invincible! I am woman!

Things since the 70s have only gotten better for women. We are standing in our authentic femininity, creating balance, and bringing love, joy and unity to our universe. Our spirits are truly invincible!

Just a bit about who I am…

as I believe that sharing who I am allows other women to feel liberated in sharing who they are and recognizing how closely we connect at the heart. I am you and you are me!…

I’m a 50something-year old woman who has led a fulfilling life, experiencing both pain and joy through the trials and tribulations that life has offered me. And yet I feel like I have only just begun my journey. I still have a half-century left in this lifetime!

I’m the mother of two wonderful young men, both on their own and thriving as the very different individuals that they are. I’m a former wife, having been married for 16 ½ years. I was a corporate manager at a Fortune 500 company until I had my stroke in June 2011, when I decided that I wanted out of the masculine-driven environment that I had been in for far too many years (my stroke was a blessing in disguise!). I’m a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and in my younger years, coming from an artsy fartsy family, I was a ballet dancer and pianist.  Up until my stroke, I also had a healing arts business where I was a licensed massage therapist, a Reiki practitioner/instructor and a certified life coach. But during my recovery from my stroke, I have gained much wisdom about what is important in life, and I have realized that my greatest passion is as an author, with Tarot as a guiding principle.

Although I have been blessed with all these wonderful experiences (including my stroke, which was a gift of the soul for what I learned about life), most importantly, I am a woman…an emotional female creature who is finally beginning to bask in the glory of my own divinity. When we see ourselves as a woman, as the Divine female, which is our birthright, everything else…our behaviors, thoughts and actions…is a reflection of this sacredness within. I have the deepest desire to inspire women in a gentle healing way so they may attain that radiant glow that emanates from this wondrous place.

“A woman’s life might be described as a wheel turning around its center and the spokes making up all aspects of her life. These aspects emanate from her core, the center of the wheel, providing the stability and strength needed as the wheel turns.”
From Zesty Womanhood at 40 and Beyond: Second Act, New Role

And you? I would love to hear from you…to learn of your ecstasies and agonies and your deepest desires. Click here if you wish to share your deepest thoughts with me, or anything for that matter.

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