Erica Tucci

A voice for women who are reclaiming the Divine female within!

“To all the women who have reached that phenomenal age of 40. May you enter the next phase of your life with such zeal and passion that you infuse the same in everyone you touch in mind, body and spirit.”
From Zesty Womanhood at 40 and Beyond: Second Act, New Role

There’s a resurgence of feminine energy in our world as women are reclaiming their inner power and are infusing our male-oriented dominion with boundless spirit and unconditional love, to create balance and a state of unity. Be part of this exciting movement as we shine this radiant beacon of the soul out into the universe.

As we seek our own personal truth, we are reaching down to the core essence of who we are to fulfill our purpose in this glorious universe. By going to this place of authenticity, all of our actions, behaviors and thoughts are a reflection of this Divine light within that we are being called upon to bring out into the world.

But how do we reach this sacred place? I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does it mean to you to be a woman?
  • Do you feel that your womanliness has been defined by the male principles of our society?
  • What are your beliefs about embodying both male and female characteristics as a woman?
  • What does it mean to you to find your place in the inner sanctum of the sacred feminine, in which there is balance between the masculine and feminine energies?

If these questions inspire you to delve deep into finding that sacred feminine essence within…to reclaim your inner power, I invite you to join my Yin Radiance: The Journey to Inner Balance program in which you will transform from the woman who has been defined in mind, body and soul by the masculine-driven tenets for millennia, to the sacred female, which is the embodiment of the Great Mother, the archetype of female power. In the Yin Radiance: The Journey to Inner Balance program, you will:

  • Discover who you are
  • Discover who you want to be
  • Connect with the inner aspects of your psyche
  • Identify beliefs you may have embodied that may have led you away from your sacred feminine essence
  • Return to that beautiful feminine place of your soul through your own personal journey to inner balance

My own journey to inner balance was taken to a higher level when I had a stroke in June 2011. And as I travel down the path to full recovery, I have had a transformation of self. I have gone from being an ego-based “what’s in it for me?” person to having a heart-centric “what can I do for others?” consciousness. And on my journey, I have been led to the Tarot, which has been another source of healing by helping me to really delve into my feminine intuitive side. It has become my guiding principle…my new way of life. It has also led me to writing for children. I have encountered my inner child and have felt called to write children’s books to allow her to express herself.

I welcome you to peruse my website, as my voice is a reflection of yours. We are soul mates, expressing ourselves in our own individual ways yet deeply connected by Spirit. My books will carry you on your own personal journey of Yin radiance as you connect with the characters and stories. Plus my children’s book series speaks to the special gifts that children have and how they use these gifts to deal with various life circumstances. My blog is a place where we can share stories about our feminine divinity and anything else you may revel in. And most of all, I invite you to contact me for anything else that you feel moved by. I am here for you as I know you are for me…


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